The Meep Sheep / The Kreep Sheep / The Last Sheep – Grim Fairy Tales


I consider these stories part of a cycle, all of them set in the same universe. The books are dark but appropriate for 10 and up and the first book could skew even a little younger. As the series goes on the books get darker as the series progresses. These are very different from my other work as truly these are fantasy stories and can be considered fairy tales.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Man, where the Mistresses of Magic have ruled their Kingdom with sunshine and peace for centuries. As the dawning of a new age comes and a new Mistress is about to take the throne as Queen though, darkness is finally coming to the land. In a world full of amazing creatures and wondrous sights it will fall to people who have yet to meet to stand together against a hidden enemy who is working to bring darkness back to the land forever and who seeks to destroy all that is good in the Kingdom. But it is always during the darkest of times when the light can become the brightest, and in order to save their world, strangers will become friends, friends will become heroes, and heroes will become legends, united by their common hope and the simple magic of the Meep Sheep.

The Meep Sheep is a dark fairy tale that comes from the same tree as the tales of the Brother’s Grimm but with stories amnd not morality plays as the focus. The stories are safe for all ages but there is a darkness to this land that will take a lot of magic to dispel. This is a story of friendship, hope, and believing in yourself when all seems lost. With vivid characters and incredible animals, it’s truly a tale for all.


You can buy The Meep Sheep for $12 here.

You can buy the e-book for $6 here.



In every land, to every story, there is a beginning and even in a world of magic and hope there is a past, there is a shadow, and there is a story as to how the world came to be. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Man in a time before there were Meep Sheep, before there were Bumble Kitties, and when there was much darkness in the world. These are the stories of the lands, the people, and the places of legend and song. These are the tales of how the world came to be, what made the Great Thicket such a dangerous place, how the Lady Hush first spread her evil and so much more.

Here are stories of great darkness but at the heart of all darkness is light and there is much light here as well, such as the light of the love between mother and daughter, husband and wife, and two sisters pitted against a grim foe.

If you yearn for a return to the lands of magic where the sky is filled with flying sheep, the hills alive with magical creatures, and where Love is still stronger than all that it opposes then friend, welcome back, welcome back to the Kingdom of Man.

This is but a door.

You are the key.

Welcome, welcome home.

The Kreep Sheep

The Kreep Sheep is $10

Last Meep

The Last Sheep

An era is ending in the Kingdom of Man.

After a long and peaceful reign Queen Messy is preparing to leave the throne to her two daughters – Aribel and Beliar. The many years of peace were hard won and did not come without sacrifice but it seems as if the era of war has finally come to an end.

It is the beginning of a new age.

At the dawn of this new age though dark shadows of the past have returned to finally take their revenge on the Queen and her Kingdom. An enemy thought long dead is spreading the seeds of war and those seeds are beginning to bear rotten fruit.

Change is coming.

War is coming.

War…is here.

As Man and monster join forces against Queen Messy and all who stand with her a war to end all wars is coming together that will bring in a new era, though whether it is an era of darkness or light hangs in the balance.

Darkness is spreading.

But in all darkness there is light waiting to be seen and while there are still those that cling to friendship and love there is yet a chance against the most terrifying enemies.

This is the dawn of a new age.

Long live the Queen.

LAST SHEEP is 280 pages and is $15

The book is available on, Kindle, and my e-store, which has a link above.


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