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This is a collection of short stories that will change the reader from the first story to the last. It is a book that will force the reader to face many issues and tragedies that society sees on a regular basis but not with this much intensity and with no dilution whatsoever. A dose of the darkest aspects of modern life, Back From Nothing is not for the light of heart and a truly serious slice of lifefrom concentrate.

You are about to enter an intriguing world. Back From Nothing is an extraordinary collection of stories that deals with many controversial issues in today’s society. Prepare yourself for an honest look into the minds of several fascinating characters who go through the failures and triumphs of everyday life. You will be shocked. You will be astounded. The captivating style of Back From Nothing will change you from the first line of the book to the very end.

These are dark short stories about the shadows of the human heart. These are sometimes horror, sometimes real, but always emotionally true.

BFN is available on or through the author.




Thirteen dark short stories that whisper the forbidden secrets of the human heart.

From the madness of a father showing his son how to kill, to the quiet desperation of a man trapped by love, to the horrible memories trapped within a haunted bed – these stories shine light into the places of the human condition rarely examined.

But in the darkness there are monsters and things that want nothing more than to make sure the era of Man is soon to end.

Here there be monsters, but sometimes the most terrifying monster of all is the one in the mirror.

This is a collection of dark short stories that live on the borderlands of horror and are intended for teens and up.




In the darkness we are all alone and it is here where we are the most vulnerable and it is here where our worst nightmares can turn to Red Dreams.

From a dying young girl’s friendship with strange sisters who live in the woods, to an encounter with an ageless horror with an insatiable hunger, to the horrible truth behind a brother’s sudden disappearance, to the awkward realization of a haunted body part and so much more – these are stories that are born of the darkness and live on the borderlands of fear, these are Red Dreams.

Here are fifteen tales that will remind you why you fear the darkness and the night. Here are the children of broken hearts and shattered hopes. Here are the Red Dreams, where nothing is ever quite as it seems.

The door is open, the lights are low, close your eyes and come in.
Come and see.




Welcome to a world of darkness where the only light is what you bring with you in your heart.

Here are stories of monsters, human and otherwise, and the poor souls who encounter them.
Some get what they deserve while others simply get a hard lesson in red.

These are not safe stories.
These are stories with teeth.
That bite.

But don’t be afraid.
This is but a door.
You are a key.
And I dare you to come inside.

You have reached the end of the world, traveler, and here be monsters.

Here be monsters.



666 pages

Pete Anders is a lonely man. An angry man. A man who has reached the end of his patience and sanity and a man who has chosen Halloween as the night he will get his revenge. What Pete doesn’t see though are the strings that are leading him towards a violent end where he can no longer be a potential threat to the people who have set him along his dark path. Far beyond all of this though is a greater tale, the story of the beginning and the end of all things. The story of the unmaking of existence. And a war that Pete Anders will soon become a player in. And Pete, simple, angry old Pete Anders is far more powerful than anyone could ever have bargained for, and far more dangerous as well and he’ll be damned if he misses out on the end of the world and he may be damned if he chooses to play a part in it.

The First Children of Eden?



CEMETERY EARTH is a book about the end of the world and the dawn of the Dead Age when the living dead walk the earth. I love this book and think you will too.


The Age of Man is coming to an end.

After a long and steady decline into shadows the

world has fallen into darkness and the last

days of Mankind have come.

It is the Dead Age.

The Dead have returned to reclaim the world.

Driven by an unseen master the dead rise from

their graves to feast upon the living and to

send the human race into extinction.

As the twilight begins though there rises a

resistance and with it the dimmest

glimmer of hope.






This is the Dead Age.

This is Cemetery Earth

It is available for $15 on Amazon and through CreateSpace

It is available for Kindle for $5

And is available for Nook for $5



In the darkest parts of our hearts hide our every secret, our every fear, and our every horror just waiting to be unleashed. We are but doors to Hell waiting for the right key to open us. We can lie to ourselves, we can lie to our friends, but you can never fool tomorrow. You can never fool Hell.
I welcome you to a house of mirrors that will show you the worst in all of us, the monsters that live in each of us, but even in Hell there is the dimmest glimmer of hope, an undying light that even the abyss cannot snuff out.
Witness, traveler, the lies we tell tomorrow.



Danny F


Of all the monsters that Daniel Randle had seen in his life he’d never seen one as terrible as Molly the Monster.
If there was one thing Danny knew though was that to fight a monster you needed a monster.
Lucky for him he had Danny Frankenstein.

DANNY FRANKENSTEIN follows ten year old Daniel Randle as he deals with some very big changes in his life. Following a family tragedy he wraps himself up in a world of movie monsters and mad scientists but with the help of some new friends is able to overcome his shyness and sadness and come out of his shell. When someone new enters his life and threatens to change everything though it’s only with the help of Danny Frankenstein, the monster he becomes when he’s alone, that he can get through it all.


Little Sue cover


This is the story of Little Sue, a girl with a big imagination and a bigger heart dealing with her parent’s divorce. What she finds though is that if the divorce wasn’t difficult enough to deal with, living with a monster makes it ten times worse!



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