Hey, Who The Heck Are You Anyway? The Fascinating Story of Chris Ringler – Drastically Abridged.

Hi there, my name is Chris Ringler and I am a writer living in Flint, Michigan. I have been writing since I was sixteen and really became serious about it when I was eighteen. I got my start writing short stories and then writing articles and editing ‘zines, which lead to a magazine called  GHOULASH that my friends and I had and eventually lead to it going national for an issue.

While I worked on the ‘zines I  got more serious about writing  and put together a collection of stories entitled BACK FROM NOTHING that was released in ’99. That book is a collection of stories that are dark tales about the worst places of the heart.

Since that time I have finished a novel I am trying to get published, have put together some ash cans, and have written several dozen stories.
In the last year I have developed a love for painting and photography as well and am having fun developing those skills.

In June of 2009 I  released my second book of short stories entitled THIS BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS. This collection is a mix of stories that shine more light into the dark places of the heart and shows that human monsters are sometimes the most horrifying of all. Along with the stories, there are some of my photos in the book as well.

April 2010 saw the release of THE MEEP SHEEP, a book of fairy tales in the spirit of The Brother’s Grimm but with a less influence on being grim. These are stories I have been working on for a while which I really think you’ll love. These are stories set in a kingdom where magic has been the one thing to unite and keep the people happy but on the dawn of an age where art and magic must live together, the people begin to fear that the forces of darkness may finally win out. It will take friends who have yet to meet banding together to fight this darkness and to bring happiness back to the people.

I am a writer, artist, and photographer and am working to nurture all of those loves. I also love movies, love the arts, love to work with people, and am a huge nerd at heart. I live in Flint, Michigan and believe in the power and the people of this city and have been involved in the arts community on and off since 2005. In 2011 I was able to live a dream and founded the Flint Horror Convention an inexpensive horror convention based in Flint, Michigan that keeps prices low and fun high. in 2012 I was able to publish my first novel, a book I had written and thought dead – A Shadow Over Ever. In 2013 I finished my long in the works, and oft abandoned, zombie epic – Cemetery Earth.
Most recently I released the last book in the Meep Sheep trilogy – The Last Sheep and in 2014 I released my first children’s book – Danny Frankenstein.

I have been published in Cthulhu Sex Magazine, and have appeared in Bare Bone three times and have a story in the anthology Horrible Disasters and an article in The Horror Addicts Guide to Life.

I have also received honorable mention in two editions of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

I have written and published eight books, seven of which are available on CreateSpace.com or on Amazon.com.

Back From Nothing

This Beautiful Darkness

The Meep Sheep

Red Dreams

The Kreep Sheep

Noches De Corazones Negros

A Shadow Over Ever

Cemetery Earth

The Last Sheep

Danny Frankenstein


This Guy

I am not a robot, I just play one in my mind.


2 thoughts on “Hey, Who The Heck Are You Anyway? The Fascinating Story of Chris Ringler – Drastically Abridged.

  1. Ah ha I knew there would be something to be had.Bare Bone?? Cthulhu sex mag? Ill have to check that out. Im currently writing some things for literotica (lots of mention of knees in there LOL)

  2. I know who the hell you is, boy!

    Nice tribute to Dan! I just watched the MuSH “documentary” yesterday and watched your bit at the end. I was laughing out loud in my office and wondering; “How is that freak?”

    Keep it up, Chris… a fine writer ye be.

    Peace, Daddy-o.


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