The Skelebration That Was…

Can I tell ya how darn much I love The Skelebration of Scares? I mean, go fig, it’s my baby, but jeepers it’s a fun event. Basically it’s us nerdy writer folks in the Flint area getting together for a Halloween event where we tell scary stories and dress up and just share the scares. This was our second year and we had spooky art on display from Jason Rapelje, Amanda Emery, and myself. We had Amanda doing tarot readings and photographer Sarah Reed did a scary photo booth. And then there were the story tellers, Glen Birdsall, Charles Shaver as Iffy, Chris Reed, KJ Hooten, Anne McGeathy, Marcus Bieth, and myself and we all told tales for the season. We had a great crowd, had some wonderful costumes, and a fantastic venue and it was just one of those magical nights that reminds you why you love writing and the arts. This year I wrote five stories, all of which were posted online, though two only for a day, and I got to read two of them and had a blast. I am honored to have such great people to work with. Ah, but what did it all look like?


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