Random sorts of drawings, paintings, and suchery

So, I used to draw, when I was a kid. I loved it, loved it, really; as much as I love writing now. I gave it up though adn have never really gone back much. Sure, I’ll doodle from time to time but I never really got into it as much as I used to. This past weekend I did Motor CIty Nightmares and, as I sat there rockin’ the table and its bone chilling candy with my special lady, I put pen to paper and started to doodle. It was like finding a lost old friend after years and years. So, here’s some random as hell crap I have drawn, or painted, or crapped the hell out of late. The first five were colored in Photoshop by Miss Amanda, as I have no damned idea how to use that bloody program. I threw in a couple newer paintings as well, to round it all out.

Er, uh, enjoy?



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