Welcome To The Horror Show

Hi there, my name’s Chris Ringler and this here would be my bloggin’ place.

Despite what you may have heard, I am NOT the same person that moved the moon three inches with my psychic mind rays.

I am a writer living in the haunted Mitten. I have been writing a very long time – read the bio, yo – but along with that I am a passably mediocre artist, arts and event coordinator, and I am the creator of the Flint Horror Convention. Atop of all that stuff, I am a huge horror nerd, love movies, am pretty weird and random, and that’s a lot of what you’ll find.

Most of my books are horror and dark fiction but I have a fantasy series that’s both cute AND weird and I wrote a kid’s book I am pretty fond of as well.

So yeah, that’s sorta the primer.


You can find more about me in the blogs and links and such and you can find more info on my books as well.

Wanna just check my books out while you’re right-right here?

MY CREEPY (and sometimes cute) BOOKS